Achieving Self Improvement

Employers are no longer looking for just that 3.0 GPA from college or a bachelor’s degree. They are looking for someone with just a little extra. That little extra doesn’t even have to do with working skills either. Even if knowing how to knit is part of your self improvement agenda it could make a potential employer look at you differently.

Why Is Self Improvement Important?

Self improvement is just in mans nature. Everyone is their own worst critic and always feels like if they could learn one more thing it would just make them a better all around person. Self improvement doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to learn something new such as a language to try to get ahead in the corporate world. Self improvement can be done for just that, “self” improvement. There are numerous activities that can be completely enriching. Learning a new craft or trying your hand at a new sport could even turn out to be an outlet for your daily stresses.

Self improvement doesn’t have to be done alone. Instead of learning a new skill you could donate your time at a local shelter or join a larger organization like Greenpeace. It is acceptable to try and gain some notoriety through self improvement as well. Some of us are envious of others because of things that they may know how to do or because of things that the other person has accomplished.

Through self improvement you can not only feel as if you have made yourself equal to that counterpart but often times you can give yourself such a sense of accomplishment that you feel that you have surpassed that person. It is definitely a great thing to boost self esteem. Self Improvement isn’t really about beating everyone else at the game of life and being the king or queen of the hill. Self improvement is simply being at the point where you are happy and secure with yourself as a whole.


If there is something that you have always dreamed about doing or learning, do it! There is no reason not to. By learning something that you want to learn you will be on the high road of self improvement!

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